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Buyer's Agent Services


  • Are you planning on buying an aircraft?

  • Don’t know which one is best for your needs?

  • Looking for someone in the business to represent your requirements?

Call your A&P machanic/IA, Pilot Alan Lance--1-260-200-1555


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Alan is a certified NAAA Aircraft Buyers Agent and a Senior USPAP National Aircraft Appraiser. He has been in the business since 1978 and owned/operated Alan Aircraft Services Inc. since 2002. He has helped hundreds of people make value and purchase decisions for aircraft for 31 years.

When Buying Aircraft

  • Human nature dictates. Owers, broker's, and seller's have a built in bias to their own best interest. They are motivated to sell their aircraft at the highest price possible to you, the buyer.  Even if it is not necessarily the best aircraft for you. I believe it would be to your advantage to have a qualified person representing your interest with experience in the industry? Someone motivated to your best interest in mind. A paid expert. My fees are far less that the potential mistakes some buyers without representation have made.

  • Aircraft are expensive and can seem a little complicated. Buying the right one for you requires background knowledge of the aircraft, rules, regulations, cost, and the industry as a whole. If you are interested in safety, convenience, and the best aircraft for your needs; I can help. 

  • My experience is hard to beat and it will be yours. Primarily I view a purchase from a maintenance stand point because usually buying aircraft is the cheapest and easiest part, maintaining it is the expensive and hard part. I will not only view your aircraft purchase from a pilots view but be looking at the purchase as a whole for your benefit. Being able to fly the aircraft is important but it is only one aspect of buying an airplane. There are regulations, registration, industry trends, cost factors, storage, maintenance, and experience level issues to consider. As your paid representative my allegiance is to your aircraft needs and your needs only.

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