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Unique Broadband Systems LTD.

Alan Aircraft Services is proud to be working with a leader in the communications industry. We are proud to be the U.S. based stocking distributor for Unique Broadband Systems, as we continue to expand our working relationship with UBS we will continue to stock more parts to better serve our customer base and meet there product needs at a moments notice.

Unique Broadband Systems (or UBS) is a Canadian multinational, privately owned and operated company that specializes in design and manufacturing of complete digital transmission systems as well as individual components for digital audio and video broadcasting, with its head office and the main manufacturing facilities located in Canada.

We currently have in stock 2 units of PN: US240-318-100LNF-A, Due to the below being a controlled item please contact Alan Aircraft Services for more product information.

For more information on UBS products and pricing please contact us at or call us at 260-200-1555

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