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Alan Aircraft Services is the exclusive distributor to the US Military of the POWER KING & THE POWER QUEEN

Alan Aircraft Services has become an Authorized dealer for the best 28 Volts DC power source's available. Start and power your aircraft with the best and most reliable electrical source on the market today.

Power King Rectifier

  • The POWER KING is a 28 volt rectifier.

  • requires 3 phase AC voltage input and converts it to 28 volts DC output.

  • Low Profile design ----- For Shipping 40"X40"X40" 750LB

  • All Electric, Quiet, No Fumes

  • 2400 Peak Output ~ 60 Hz

  • 1000 AMP Continuous ~ 60 Hz

  • 1800 AMP Peak Output ~ 50 Hz

  • 800 AMP Continuous ~ 50 Hz

  • Requires Minimum 80 AMP ~ 208 to 580 AC Volt input Service

  • AC Input Three Phase 50 or 60 Cycle 200 to 600 Volt Service

  • Transformer Designed to Give More DC Output

  • Ripple and RFI Filtered

  • Reverse Diodes

  • Over Voltage Protection

  • Cables Standard Equipment: 100 Ft. AC Input, 20 Ft. DC Output. 6 months warranty

Power Queen Battery Cart

The POWER QUEEN combines economy, efficiency and maneuverability, to give you the power you need, when & where you need it. NOT 24 volts DC but 28.5 volts DC output........

  • Economical & Quiet - No Motors

  • Built in Soft Start Capability

  • Safety ~ No Power Cords Near Aircraft

  • Capable of Starting Jets & Turbines

  • Portable ~ No Cords

  • Use in Hangar or On Ramp Separate Battery Charger (may be used to charge any 24 volt battery in the aircraft or shop)

  • 0 ~ 50 Volt Meter (to measure status of charge in batteries)

  • Battery Heater Available (added cost)

  • The POWER QUEEN is a 14 or 28.5 volt, 672 AH unit for all day power in hangar, or multiple engine starts before charging. This unit supplies in excess of 1500 AMP momentary for aircraft starting. This is adequate for most aircraft.

  • Like new rebuilt Power Queen in stock.

Fox Carts Rectifiers

The Fox Cart, an industry standard for 28 Volts DC where you need it when you need it.

  • New powder coat paint, decals, and load tested.

  • 60 feet of input AC cable with a much improved handle to rap the cable on.

  • We have improved the front an back wheels by replacing them with better wheels and axle mounting.

  • Capable of Starting most all Jets & Turbo Props

  • Use in Hangar or On Ramp.

  • Ready to go when you get it with 25 feet of DC cable. 6 months warranty

Are you selling a fox cart? we are buying in any condition.

Christie Anchor

Christie NiCad Battery Charger Analyzers

We offer a range if Different Christie Battery Chargers analyxers click the below links to view the three different models.

Hobart 28 Volt Generator --Refurbished

We have one of these in the shop now ready for a commitment from a serious buyer.

They come to you refurbished like new with new paint, new tires, new cables, Load tested, updates,

operators manual, maintenance manual, and ready to go to work.

These towable Hobart 28 volt generators are built tough with 4 cylinder gasoline engines that drives a generator

that will handle 400 amps all day long and the 1200 amps needed to start most any 28 volt aircraft flying.

Our shop has serviced, tested , and calibrated these to specifications.

~6 months warranty

~Technical assistance

Carbis-Aircraft Ground Re-fueling stand


unnamed (2).jpg
stairs 2.jpg
Fuel Stand For Sale

Ground Re-fueling stand 

Located at the  Chester County G O Carlson Airport
Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA

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