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Christie NiCad Battery Charger Analyzers

We offer a range if Different Christie Battery Chargers analyxers click the below links to view the three different models.



  • 7 Inch Touch Screen Display

  • Optional ABMS-10X PC Interface

  • Up to 80 amps ReFLEX® Charge, 65 amps CC/CP Charge and 60 amps Discharge

  • Manual Mode

  • Program Mode

  • Constant Current, Constant Potential and ReFLEX® charge modes

  • Alarm signals at each end of task

  • Programmable Alert

  • Proven RF80-K Power Section

  • DigiFLEX Analysis

  • Enhanced safety Features

  • CE tested and certified


  • Intuitive, easy to use, and large bright display of volts, amps and time

  • Compatible with ABMS-10X Battery Management System for PC control, individual cell monitoring, temp sensing, data-logging, diagnostics and expanded battery processing capabilities

  • Fully compatible with all battery manufacturer's component maintenance manuals

  • Allows single or multiple charge/discharge tasks to be run in sequence

  • Battery parameters may be stored and custom task sequences saved for automatic processing

  • The only charger/analyzer offering all 3 charge modes including ReFLEX® for fast charging

  • Audible alert notifies operator when task is complete

  • User may program an alert as a reminder to check or water battery

  • Rock solid, reliable design

  • Visual indication of battery processing status

  • Buit-in limits for charge/discharge current values, times and termination

  • Complies with international CE safety standards



  • New RF80-K PC Interface with AB3000 Controller

  • Simple, Straight-Forward Operation

  • Heavy Duty Design and Performance

  • Digital Timers & Displays

  • Charges and Analyzes All Aircraft Batteries

  • Ni-Cd and Lead-Acid, all manufacturers

  • Unique ReFLEX Quick-Charger

  • Constant Current Charge

  • 2-Step Constant Current Charge

  • Constant Potential Charge, for Lead Acid

  • Constant Current Discharge, for Capacity Testing

  • DigiFLEX Analysis for Visual Status Indication

  • Cell Voltage Balance Testing, Internal Voltmeter

  • CE European Approval, RF80-K (CE)Note: The RF80-K model replaces the previous RF80H design, which was discontinued in 1991.



We have several of these in stock. We have parts for these in stock. We support

these and will for years to come.

They come to you in a wooden crate completely refurbished like new with updates,

operators manual, and ready to go to work.

Probably the most effective way to enhance your maintenance capabilities. These

units pay for themselves fast.

~6 months warranty

~Technical assistance

~A must for NiCad main ship batteries

~220 Volts single phase required

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